Additional rentals
Airplane Hanger 

The airplane hanger is 44' x 60 ' and available to rent for activities including wedding receptions, retreats, workshops, and other gatherings such as retirement or birthday events. The hanger is only two blocks away from the Falcon Inn Bed & Breakfast. 

Prices vary based on the type and length of the event. Please email us at or call 907-547-2254 if you have any questions or would like to reserve the hanger. 



View of Eagle Bluff and the Yukon River from the inside of the Airplane Hangar


Side of the Learning Center

hangar Oct. 2021.jpg

Learning Center (Left) and Airplane Hangar (Right)


View from the front of the Airplane Hanger and Learning Center

wellhouse &courthouse.jpg

View from the back of the Airplane Hanger and Learning Center