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Sights In Eagle

The Falcon Inn B&B is open for business as of Memorial Day, 2023. We  take reservations year round. Email us at
or call 907-547-2254 to book your stay.

Fort Egbert & Museums

Take a walking tour of the beautifully restored buildings of Fort Egbert as well as additional museums such as Judge Wickersham's courthouse. The walking tour meets less than a block from the B&B and begins at 9:00 am, however, special tours can be booked as well.
On this tour you can learn about the adventures of Billy Mitchell, Roald Amundsen, mining, and Fort Egbert.

wellhouse &courthouse.jpg
berry picking.JPG

Eagle offers many hiking trails within walking distance from the Falcon Inn. You can hike along the trails near the grass airstrip and Fort Egbert while learning about the local plants and wildlife with the informative plaques along the way. If it is a warm day you can explore Mission Creek near Eagle Bluff or American Creek near the campground. If you are feeling more adventurous you can drive up to American Summit and take in more beautiful views. If you are visiting during the fall you might be lucky enough to pick some blueberries. 

Hiking and Exploring

mission creek.jpg

Mission Creek

American Summit

Bald Eagle
Pine Grosbeak.jpg

Birding opportunities are abundant and can include sightings of: Swallows, Peregrine Falcons, Eagles, ducks, Sand Hill Cranes, Swans, Warblers, Woodpeckers, and many other species.
Hiking near Eagle Bluff can result in Peregrine Falcon sightings and you might be lucky enough to spot their nests. 
The Bureau of Land Management often has a camera on the Peregrine Falcon nests on Eagle Bluff which you can view at their visitor center. 

Eagles and Birding

Sand Hill Cranes

Sand Hill Cranes

Bald Eagle

Pine Grosbeaks

River break up.jpg

Eagle is home to The Native Village of Eagle, please see their website for more information.
Phone: 907-547-2281
The residents of Eagle live a unique subsistence lifestyle, interact with fulltime residents of Eagle to learn about fishing, hunting, trapping, dog mushing, and the survival skills that are necessary to live in extreme conditions. For example, you can learn about fish wheels, pictured on the right, which are used for subsistence fishing.
If you visit in May you might be able to watch the Yukon River break up, or if you miss it, you can watch videos at Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve visitor center.

Eagle Village & Subsistence Lifestyle


Fish Wheels

Mushing overlooking Eagle.jpg

Yukon River Breakup

Caribou - Photo by Elva House

If you choose to drive or fly to Eagle you will have many opportunities for wildlife viewing, you may be lucky enough to spot Caribou, Moose, and Bears. 
You will also be able to spot many different species of birds as mentioned above. 
If you choose to drive to Eagle, you will pass by the turn for the Top of The World Highway, which takes you to Dawson City Yukon Territory. The Taylor Highway offers many of the same views. For more information on the Taylor Highway please follow the link in the button below.

Scenic Wilderness and Wildlife

Eagle northern lights Marly-7159.JPG

Caribou Near Eagle - Photo by Elva House

American Summit
Moose bank of Yukon

The BLM visitor center is two blocks away from the B&B, at the visitor center you can watch videos of the Yukon River breaking up or observe Peregrine Falcon nests. You can also learn all about the nearby Yukon Charlie National Preserve.

The department of Fish and Game has a sonar station six miles south of Eagle along the Yukon River to observe the King and Chum Salmon populations

Bureau of Land Management - Fish and Game - National Park Service

grass airstrip summer.jpg

Bureau of Land Management Grass Airstrip

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