Eagle is open for business Falcon Inn will follow Covid-19 guidelines.
Falcon Inn Bed and Breakfast surrounded by winter Aurora Borealis.

Bureau of Land Management grass airstrip and Fort Egbert, on the banks of the Yukon River

Dog mushers over looking the Yukon River in Eagle

Watch the Yukon River break up or if you miss it, watch videos at Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve Alaska visitor and information center

Main street Eagle one block from the Falcon Inn.

Fish wheels are used in Eagle for subsistence fishing. Fish and Game have a sonar station 6 miles south of Eagle on the Yukon River

Pine Grosbeak
Birding opportunities are abundant and sighting could include:  3 species of swallows, Peregrine Falcons, Eagles, ducks, Sand Hill Cranes, Swans, warblers and many other species.

Mission Creek is a great place to hike or if you are adventurous hike to the top of the peaks on Eagle Bluff where Peregrine Falcons nest.

Judge Wickersham's courthouse meeting spot for historical tours. Less than a block from the B&B

Eagle has two gas stations, one grocery store (closes at 5 pm), one restaurant (closes at 3 pm),


The following agencies have locations in Eagle

For more information about Eagle go to the following websites





Eagle is a damp town so you will not find a liquor store in Eagle.  You are welcome to bring beverages for your own use.
Contact us to reserve  a room(s) at the Falcon Inn B&B and plan an event with us at the Alaska Yukon Wilderness School
Telephone: 907-547-2254

email: falconinn@gmail.com

Website: falconinnlodgelogcabins.com

Room rates per night per room are: single $125.00, double $145.00, entire B&B  $750.00

includes breakfast

 Rates for events depend on what you would like us to plan for you.

We do not take credit cards, but we take personal checks, cash or direct deposit.  We also invoice.

Come and explore, Historical Fort Egbert, Judge Wickersham's Court House, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) buildings, grass airstrip, hiking trails, and other trails that lead to American Creek, Mission Creek and the Yukon River.

Eagle has a rich history that includes,  Roald Amundsen, Billy Mitchell, Judge Wickersham, mining, farming and amazing natural history.

Contact us now and get the most from your visit to Eagle.

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